My Luxury Wishlist for 2023 ✨

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Recently I found it hard to limit my urge to shop carelessly. I would find myself after work walking around the city entering stores and get tricked by all the marketing and false 'last piece on sale' signs. And then I go back home and feel down, how come a girl whose master thesis was about conscious consumerism end up falling for the tricks she so surely tries to tell everyone to take care of them?! I had to take a moment and pause to ask myself the important questions. How did I go back ten steps and shop emotionally instead of selectively? The answer came to me! Planning anything makes you analyze it better.
So I decided to make my purchases conscious and keep it a tradition to have a fixed wish-list on my website that I update for items I want to Purchase and my money plan to get them. I was inspired by Audrey Coyne, from Audrey ala mode blog as she keeps her wish-list for her capsule closet public and I like how she made it so easy for me to visualize it. I want my wish-list to better compliment my closet and personal style to avoid impulse purchases.
Don't know your personal style yet? Follow my step by step guide.
Mistakenly I always thought that my skin undertone was cool and my color season was true winter. Accordingly, I colored my hair cool tones, and dressed in bright colors. Up until I saw a color analysist on TikTok showing how people miss analysed themselves. I was hooked and thought I must check if I was maybe wrong. Only to figure out that I am drum rolls please…. TRUE AUTUMN!!! Which was mind blowing to me. I will share with you pictures (little embarrassing) in three different coat colors and you can tell which palette actually suits me.
Even looking at these the bright colors seem to eat my features a little bit. Finally this is actually the color palette my skin tone analysis got me. And I am so happy that these are my colors as this muted Autumn tones are my favorite to look at and I thought they don’t suit me.
Now let’s look at my Wishlist, I’ve broken things on my wishlist into short term purchases (require less saving and planning) and long term purchases (things that require a lot more planning and saving). I will also share items I purchased from my wish-list as well as things I want to upgrade that I already own. In the future I will post annually my updated wishlist and finidings with you my dears.

wishlist - short term


Balmain Blazer

this Blazer made it to my wishlist long ago in navy or white color. The structure and fit of is just perfect. I was delayed from getting it as i lost weight and wanted to buy one that fits me perfectly. After scouting i found out that buying it new on sale is the cheapest best way as it’s over priced in the second hand market.


Burberry Classic Scarf

I owned them second hand and one time in a train ride with my fiancee (now husband) i slept and woke up running to not miss my station to find out i forgot it. It’s one of the most cozy, classic, and elegant closet staple.


Kelly riding boots

I started horseback riding classes and went to try riding boots which made fall in love with these. I love the black leather with silver hardware ones the most but never tend to find my size available at the store for quite sometime.


Links of London Hope egg earrings

Since i saw kate middelton wearing them i was obsessed and searched everywhere for these. I found them but they were sold out. And even now the company links of london is no longer available. I am on a hunt trying to find them on second hand market. I found and bought many dupes till now but nothing matches.

wishlist - Long Term


Hermes Kelly 25


I was very lucky find my dream birkin and the mini kelly. Yet from the day i learned about hermes a kelly 25 was my dream. My wish is to get this from the store. I always wanted it in black sellier in togo leather and gold hardware. Yet now after my birkin in black i am quite not sure what color would i prefer anymore.

Screenshot_2023-02-09_at_07.36.37-removebg-preview (1)

Cartier Tank Solo Watch


It was obvious from my latest video how much i wanted this watch and i even got you some dupes in replacement. It always was at the back of my list for some reason and I regret this as the price rose from the time i intended to buy it


Van cleef arpels Vintage Alhambra pendant


I loved the vintage Alhambra a lot and had a second hand bracelet from the collection yet i grew over having many bracelets on and sold it. What i am after is the short delicate and feminine necklace pendant. This looks minimal and elegant.

Already purchased items


LV Victorine Wallet


LV Multicolor Agenda PM


Hermes Bastia Coin Purse


LV Speedy Damier Ebene 25


Ray-ban Foldable Round Sunglasses


Celine Classic Box Bag


Chanel Classic Wallet On Chain


Seiko 5 Jewels Mix Metal Watch


Pearl necklace


Pearl earrings


Three layered pearl necklace


Gucci Marmont Belt small


Burberry Trench coat


Burberry Scarf (lost it in the train)


Louboutin nude heels


Louboutin black kitten heels


Valentino rockstud heels


Chanel loafers


Chanel Ballet flats


Hermes Kelly Belt Gold


Hermes Silk Scarf


LV Black Wool Scarf


Hermes Birkin 25


Saint Laurent Sac de jour




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