What I wish I knew before starting minimalism

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5 years ago I started my minimalism journey and oh boy it feels like yesterday! When I decided to reduce from 8000 items I owned to 360 items 2 years later it was not clear where is the destination or end result. Consider me a friend when I say now my awareness of the topic took a different route and will take your hand through it. So what I wish I knew? let's dive into it, shall we...

It's ok to ruin things and go back

Don't be too harsh on yourself! at any point, you make a mistake or buy something you don't need don't give up. It's ok to keep making mistakes until it becomes a habit and a lifestyle. Remember these changes and that lifestyle is here to serve you and not become a burden on you or drive you crazy. Comparing yourself to someone else's minimalism journey will only harm and pressure you. So let it go and embrace the journey.


You don't have to look like a minimalist

The minimal imagery is taking over the online platforms of people wearing only black and white and owning only things in that color palette. Which tricks people into thinking that they are not minimal enough if they are not looking the same. It took me time to accept that minimalism is more actions and decisions rather than aesthetics. Though it's so important to know your style to avoid shopping aimlessly, yet if your style is not minimal but Bohemian for example embrace it and minimize your belongings only not your style.

Quality over quantity

I always neglected the quality and ran after marketing campaigns and advertisements. How an item looked was more important to me than anything else! Then I realized that owning a few items of quality will be more rewarding than going back and forth to find the item I got and didn't live for long enough in my belongings and lost its quality.


Habits are more important than downsizing

If you are planning to only get rid of things you don't need but keep going on aimless shopping trips, then you will never achieve the result you are aiming for. Ask your self why I am buying this? will it fit my lifestyle? I am going to use it soon? I now keep things packed until I use them and if I don't use it I return it right away. Also, it helps a lot to keep an item in your wishlist and see, if you forget about it then you definitely don't need it.

Defining needs differ

Don't measure what will be in your belongings over another you-tuber or influencer as each person has needs and habits that differ. I was lost as I would choose the items I saw others keep to realize that I don't use them or need them at the end. Which kills the purpose of this lifestyle. Minimalism is a lifestyle that lets you understand yourself more! knowing what you use and need more than others so never make it hard on yourself.


And don't forget to have fun xx


Photography by Manuel Emad

Location Dessau, Germany


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