What I learned in 2018

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Oh, I never felt 2018 will ever end! it hurts so much how it shook my entire existence. From questioning why I am living miles away from family, to almost dying, changing my appearance, and filing a case against my company let's see what it taught me after all.

1- Now could be your last moment.

I have always been a person who thinks of tasks of tomorrow and today mattered less and less the older I got. Till the moment happened, I was cleaning for a friends get together and prepared to take the trash out when my arm in seconds slit open from a mirror by accident. Suddenly life changed and it was just in less than a second. So I learned the hard way to never say tomorrow I will do this or enjoy that as now is my chance.

2-Never too late to pursue your dreams.

I sound so poetic when I say that nah? But we tend to forget what we wish for in the middle of everything. Society pushes us to go into directions that transform into a routine. You suddenly work from 9 to 6 in a cubicle and your dreams turn into paying the bills and going on dates. I believe in a higher power, and mine is God's plan, for me everything if you wish for enough will fall into place with the smallest baby steps. I believe in vision boards and seeing your dreams when you wake up makes them tangible.

3-This too shall pass

The hardest of days end, the worst of moments ends, the heart aches for only a bit until a joke comes to mend it. Some days are going to get really bad and no one will understand you and those never last long. A problem occurs so that a solution comes to teach us. Somedays I had no food in my fridge and couldn't push myself to call a friend while crying, only to find cash back or a friend's gathering I am invited to.

4-Only time can prove who is worth it

No matter who you think is the closest friend or perfect guy for you only time will show who is true and will stand by your side always and will accept your flaws before your perfections. Some people will invent an issue to quit your life and forget every good thing you shared with them. But when you grow you realize that those came in your life for a reason.

5-Happiness comes from within

We all have goals that we think by reaching them we will be complete. But guess what, as soon as you reach your goals you have new ones that take from the happiness and satisfaction of reaching that goal. It comes from you to be happy and content not from goals achievement nor from people around you.

6-Learn to put people in their places

Not everyone is your best friend and not everyone is your buddy. You have to accept that certain people will come to fulfill their role in your life but not meant to stay forever. So if you expect them to be there for you prepare to be sad and depressed. Hold dear to ones that stay and move on.

7-Love and marriage are overrated

You see, I resembled Charlotte, from Sex and the City, with her eagerness to find love and marry the man of her dreams. All my friends saw the similarities and I even saw myself on her storyline. And just like her with many heartbreaks, I realized that love and marriage takes a hell lot more than just a fancy wedding and nice pictures. It's finding whom you can live with and share with and listen to and talk to. In a nutshell, a roommate with benefits. Someone, if you were left on an island alone with you, won't get bored of.

8-Enjoy the small things

You see I went and traveled the world and complained many times than spend my time having fun and enjoying my surroundings. But I wish someone told me that I will miss these moments and wish they come back. The bad memories become funny stories you share as a conversation starter. The people you meet will never gather in the same manner again! schoolmates, university buddies, even your work team! tomorrow will come and you might see them occasionally. So be clumsy and enjoy your moments with them.


9-Family comes first

If you are not grateful for your family you lose your identity. When I grew older I realized how they sacrificed for me and even the decisions I saw were bad I quickly realized that they were human choices and we are not perfect. Put yourself in their shoes and you will realize how much they did their all for you. Hang on and call them every night to ask about them and make sure to listen to them and surprise them with meetings and unplanned events they will love it.

10-Be ready always!

Plan ahead, create a routine for yourself and make appointments for yourself. Plan ahead even the breaks and how you will pamper yourself. Wake up one hour earlier to take care of your skin and eat your breakfast. Read before bed. Trust me giving yourself some "me time" like I love to call it makes you ready to face the day in a better mood. And if you always look your best, you're ready to meet your destiny.

After all, I wish the coming years teach us all the bad before the good. Stay happy boos!

Photography by Manuel Emad

Location Dessau, Germany

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