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There are closet essentials for each season, but there are also pieces that can be stored in the closet and used as transitional pieces as the seasons change. It can be clothing and accessories that you can wear, or simply pieces that go well with your outfit as the weather and seasons begin to change. A transitional wardrobe makes it easy to move your closet from one season to another. There are some reliable items to keep in your closet for most of the year that will help your closet flow more freely through the seasons.


Here are my absolute favourites to invest in…


Thin cashmere cardigans are my all year round favourite piece, as well as, thick cotton ones. Over the shoulders in chilly summer nights, over a knitted light top in winter, layered under your coat in winter, have it with you as a flight rescue! The usage of these are endless specially if you get them in neutral colours. I personally own white, black, grey, beige, navy strips, and red. Invest in one and you will not regret it.


Oxford shirts

Oh boy! Like cardigans, oxford shirts are a major layering piece, formal with fitted pants, and worn open with short in summer as a modesty layer. My favourite is from laurph lauren in light blue shade which looks so old money and lux.


Cotton knitted dresses

I wear these the most as well all around. They can be layered in winter with boats and coat, or worn in summer with sandals, or dressed up with heels for the opera.


Structured well fitted pants

No matter the season these are always the way i elevate my look. Specifically having ones that fit your body shape. And if the fabric is well it can work over stocking for winter and in summer as well.


Silk shirts

Silk is a great temperature isolation material, which means it great for layering and can also keep you cool in warmer weather. Also silk is such a feminine and elegant material that can be dressed casually and elevated for special events.

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White jeans

The only jeans that look effortlessly elegant! Buy one that fits your body shape and pair it with boots for winter, with heels and blazer for a dressier look, and with white tennis shoes for a laid back casual look

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Ballet flats

Can i explain how they fit all seasons? Kidding of course! With stockings ballet flats can be worn regardless of weather specially in leather. My favourite is the chanel ones in lamb skin in color black.

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