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After years of trial and error, I would say design school helped me out in the outfit styling game! Special thanks to Talever for sponsoring this video But I picked 4 items to aid me in helping you style your outfits.

1- Patterns

Patterns could make or break your outfit and make it look cheaper than it actually is. Smaller scale patterns are easier to pair with other patterns and bold colors. Larger patterns need to be on their own, otherwise, your outfit may look too busy. Let the pattern be your main focal point. So have dainty jewelry and neutral shoe, bag, and makeup. Lastly, patterns follow a theme and I love pairing it with my makeup. Red lips with blue strips, bright colors with tropical patterns, etc. Try to make sure colors play nicely together is always important, especially when incorporating patterns that may have multiple colors within it. I am wearing here this jumpsuit from Talever and love how it fits, then paired it with nude heels, bag, and turban. And wore a pop of color in the lips.

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2- Colors

The relationship between colors is a science. Look for combinations that you feel comfortable in, using the color wheel schemes as a very basic guideline. I like to start with an item of clothing and relate do I want to contrast or harmonize my look. Also, Keep in mind the main color 60%, complementary color 30%, and accent color 10%. In the example here I used this top from Talever, with 3d embroidered sleeves, I took the red from the sleeves to harmonize as the main color, grey complementary color, and the black as the accent.

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3- Materials

The rule to mixing and matching fabrics is very easy; what you should do is opt for fabrics that are quite contrasting. This will make your fabrics look richer. The reason why you should wear clothes that are made from different fabrics is that they each have their own texture and look and, combined, they will result in a visually interesting combination. Also, if you buy interesting fabrics online try to get them in their natural colors as dying could look cheap if not done right. Here I am wearing a silk top from Talever along with this circle skirt with more structured fabric yet a flowy pattern.

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4- Proportions

Balance is key. Not too loose and not too tight. If you like to wear something looser balance it with something tight fitting. wide legged pants fit a little bit tighter tops. And big hoodies or big shirts fit better with skinny jeans. Keep in mind that you buy things that are designed to be loose and not buy a bigger size as the difference shows. I am wearing here This big sweater from Talever, with tassels, with black skinny jeans and boots. This makes my legs appear longer and leaner. Do your best to wear things that complement your body type and shape.

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