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Summer is here and with it comes a new routine to stay fresh and smell gorgeous! have you ever wondered when a girl passes by and her fragrance fills up the corridors what's her secret? Well, that's what I will share with you today. And the best part is any product works as long as you follow the same routine! Let's get started...

Shower Daily

It may come to you as a surprise but some people don't shower daily! I wash my body every morning without my hair. I put my hair in a shower cap and wash my body. For my hair, I wash it every 3 days as I leave it to get nourished with its natural oils. We get used to our own scents and during our sleep, we sweat off toxins from our bodies which might lead to odor. So start your day with a fresh shower.

Match your Scents

Do your best to match all your product's scents which will make the fragrance stay on for the entire day. The easiest thing is to buy from the same brand a product line. Another way is to fix a scent like a coconut or vanilla (guy's favorite) and get all your shower products with that scent. So next time pick a shower gel, body moisturizer, and body splash in the same scent or brand line.


Removing the dead skin cells from your body will ensure the scent to stay on you longer than the usual. I do body brushing daily before the shower, brushing all my body towards my heart. I also use a scrubbing loofah with my shower gel daily to make sure that the scent penetrates my skin and I finish up the shower with silky smooth skin.


Hair Removal

No one on earth should tell you not even me whether you remove your body hair or not. But personally, my products tend to stick and glide over my skin better when the hair is gone. I personally lasered most of my body hair and shave the rest every 3 days while showering.


Right out of the shower and while my body is slightly wet I lather on my favorite moisturizer with matching scent, of course, to let it absorb into the skin nicely and let the scent shine. This will allow the scent also to stay for longer. You can also add some vaseline on your pulse points to enhance the perfume scent you will add.

Fragrance time

I love using body splashes since I was in high school. They are alcohol-free so when you spray them on your body they never sting and I feel they are like a full-body deodorant. And when you match the body splash scent with your moisturizer and shower gel you will smell like a candy store. I love the hair and body mists as they are used for you from head to toes.


We are so lucky in comparison to our parents as we have more options to choose from when it comes to deodorants. Pick the one you like or follow my DIY recipe but use your deodorant twice a day. And on long summer days where I know, I will be out for long I carry a travel size deodorant in my purse to ensure that I smell fresh all the time.

Laundry is important

After all the hard work it's important to put on fresh laundry to seal the deal. Preferably if the fragrance is close or matched with everything like before.

Happy Feet

Get rid of smelly feet in summer by scrubbing them in the shower and applying moisturizer to them afterward. Take out the bad scents from your shoes by using new tea bags left inside all night deodorize the shoes and you are good to go.

And don't forget to have fun xx


Photography by Manuel Emad

Location Dessau, Germany


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