Skin Seasons Color Analysis

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Ever wondered why when you bought this shirt and tried it you looked dull. Or when you show the hairdresser a color and get it done you look sick. Ever wondered how celebrities always look on point? Well the answer is color analysis, they pay specialists to get a color undertone analysis. I hope when you read this post it helps you know your analysis and be able to choose colors that suit you.


Your skin color and tone is different from your undertone. Generally if you are pale, medium, or dark that's your general skin color. Within these color categories we have several shades or tones like ivory, sand...etc. What you generally find in foundation color ranges. But what tells what suits you best in all categories like hair color, outfit colors, makeup color shades...etc. is your undertone. As designers we usually study that colors are formed through a formula of mixed colors. So the color red can have a warm undertone or a cool undertone.


Let's start with taking this test

[wp_quiz id="1007"]

Personally the test was not very accurate so I used two apps to help me. Check my video for how to use those apps.

For iPhone users: All Eyes On Hue / InstaKuler

Android users: no app equivalent to All Eyes On Hue  / Color Grab



  • Stephanie Sanchez says:

    Hi! Angie I need help. I’m so confuse because in your blog its says I am Autumn but in the app you share(eyes on hue) I am Winter. I’m looking for information and my problem is that I think I’m not winter cause I have warm undertone I always use Warm foundation and look great on me.
    I have dark brown eyes, brunette hair, green veins, I look best in white gold or silver and have warm skin tone. Please help me I am going crazy, LOL
    Sorry if I write something wrong my first language is Spanish. Hope you can answer me.

  • Tatiana says:

    I am having the same problem as the other comment here. I always thought my skin tone was warm/yellow. My veins are mostly green but I actually have some blue and even some purple. Now I think I may be a dark winter and that is what the app told me.
    Now I that I see celebrities like Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz are deep winters I believe I am also deep winter. I am Mexicana with a similar complexion to theirs. If that’s the case, I have been colored matched for makeup at Sephora my whole life. Everything I have in foundations, powders, and concealer is Warm and warm/neutral.

  • Bello omolola says:

    Hello Angie. Your blog says I’m Autumn whereas the app you gave me said I’m warm skintone.
    Im confused right now

  • Anamika Murmu says:

    Hey Angie,
    Thank you for information 🍁 so much love from ❤ India.


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