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Tips that will ensure you silkily waxed like smooth skin. It took me years to understand the best way to get this result. And I've never found this info collectively so I thought I would share it with you all.

I come from a country where hair removal is considered hygiene. And the popular method used is sugaring since my great grandparents time. Yet my skin is not built for sugaring or waxing. You see what happens is that the hair comes out with blood and instead of rocking a smooth skin I would have a wounded scratchy and itchy skin.

My tips are game changers I urge you to try this method once and then judge it. It sounds like a lot of work, but trust me when you get used to it nothing will compare to it.

Note: Steps for shaving your body are different from shaving your bikini area so scroll down if you want to check bikini area shaving hacks first.

First, let's assess when to shave the best...

I shower daily to freshen up my body. And twice a week I shower longer to wash my hair. That's when I shave to ensure that it's a longer shower. This allows your pores to open and give you smoother skin.

Before you hop in the shower, body brushing

EXFOLIATION yes yes yes! not once but several times that's what gives you the result. If you don't do that already. Nothing beets body brushing.

Shave at the end of your shower

Make sure that your hair is softened and skin before you shave. So I would shave normally at the end of the shower.

Exfoliate some more...

Have you seen these exfoliation gloves sold everywhere? Buy one and get a scrub along with it. DIY your scrub mixing brown sugar and olive oil put it on the glove and scrub the dead skin away. Any scrub works as well yet I find this diy very rewarding and smoothing.

Apply baby oil on exfoliated skin

Rub baby oil on, with your favorite scent on the area to soften the skin from exfoliation. This also helps a lot with razor burn prevention.

Razor with 4-5 blades

You can use men razors. Yet I use the ones for women as they now have more blades. Some male razors have mint scents which can irritate your skin, especially in the bikini area. I personally use the Venus swirl handle with the Venus sensitive blade. And please spray your razor with alcohol to sanitize it before every use. And lastly, never use a dull razor.

Shaving gel or conditioner

Essential you guys even if you have baby oil on. This ensures that you get no cuts nor razor burns. I use the shaving gels for sensitive skin so that it doesn't irritate me.

Shaving two directions, light pressure, and short strokes

This might sound like not a huge difference but trust me it's transforming! Never push too much in with the blade. If the blade is working well it will remove just with a light glide, no need for pressure. Also, don't go in one long stroke, glide it a bit then remove then glide a bit. Short strokes give a better blade grip. Lastly and most importantly, shave in one direction then go the other direction along the same area again.

Hot and Cold!

you shaved with hot, bareable, water. Now turn it on the coldest you can take. This will close up your pores and stimulate blood flow all over.


My favorite thing in the world is this! Nevia men aftershave sensitive you guys! it will help you with the shaving black dots. It changed the game as well for me.


You can use a lotion or oil. I prefer coconut oil a lot for its scent. Or if you want to smell perfectly use the lotion that is complementary to your shower gel.

Bikini area time now!

1- Trim if the hair is long.
2- Exfoliate (as mentioned above with the exfoliating glove)
3- Use conditioner not shaving gel here, wait for it to soften the hair.
4- Shave with the direction of the hair, then the other way around.
5- Put baby oil on the area when done.
6- Dab rubbing alcohol with cotton on the area.
7- Use Nevia aftershave sensitive.
8- Apply unscented stick deodorant.


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