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UI/UX Designer

Egyptian graphic and web designer with a masters in Integrated design. Started with simulating globalisation sessions, then worked in corporate sectors to the governmental sector in Egypt. Spent last bachelor semester in Berlin then, worked for 2 years in E-Sports advertising and from there, my career started in Germany. Also, an active you-Tuber and lifestyle blogger.

UX/UI Web-Designer 89%
Creative/Art Director 80%
Branding/Logo Design 65%
Print /Editorial Design 71%
Social Media Design 50%



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The Paradox of Design

After years of back and forth, theories applied to human instinct resulted in hesitant and chaotic societies. The question here is how we can balance the usage of design theories not to trick but sell ethically to the targeted groups. How can we help human instinct and awareness back again picking what is of quality and what is needed?

Award Winning Work

SAP Roadmaps

I Had the honor to work and be part of The Tools Team in SAP Headquarters, where I created this Award winning Application video for my team. We won both the Red Dot Design Award 2020 and the German Design Award 2020 for this UI/UX Customer facing Project.

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