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My journey to finding the value of my life started with a hate comment on youtube. It made me realize how much stuff was cluttering my life. I tried to reduce as fast as possible. I was disgusted with my consumerist behavior honestly. Searching all over the internet I found tips scattered everywhere. This led to making mistakes and failed too many times I can't even count. Those tips are the real deal and what really works. Good luck in your journey

First, this will go through three phases: Reduction rebel, dream in action and maintain your goal

Phase 1:
Reduction Rebel

1. Get everything on the floor

Everything! don't go room by room. Face the real deal and put everything in front of you.

2. Divide it into categories

Categories could start with rooms. Then go to sub-categories as well. For instance, In the closet category divide it into jackets, tops, pants,...etc.

3. Write the number you want in each category

Sit and analyze how many items you want in each category theoretically. 50 items in your closet, 5 jackets, 3 pants, 10 tops, 3 skirts,...etc.

4. Pick the items you need not the other way around

Pick from each sub-category the number you assessed. For example, you wrote down 5 jackets go to the pile of jackets and pick your 5.

5. Remove duplicates

In some categories, numbers won't be efficient. In that case, start by removing duplicates.

6. One thing for each purpose

Have one evening clutch for example. Setting one thing for each purpose make it easier to grab that thing when you need it.

7. Digitalize instead of keeping piles

Transform CDs and DVDs into digital files. Papers that could be scanned. Even memories take pictures of them and have them digitally available. If you can get a Kindle or an e-reader and giveaway your books as well.

8. One item serving more purposes

Multifunctioning items win my heart. Your furniture can serve more than one purpose basically.

9. Use travel lists to decide what's important to keep

If you find it hard to get some categories reduced check out the traveling lists. For essential toiletries, you can check travel lists to know what essentials to keep and toss the rest.

10. For every item, you keep toss one

Also, in some categories with more items than usual get rid of an item in exchange for an item you keep.

11. lending system works for those special moments

If you're afraid you might need this for this or that occasion. Know that you can lend somethings from friends if you don't have it.

Phase 2:
Your dream in action

1. Create a vision board for your dream home

Before you put the things that you picked back to make sure you know how you wish to have your space. Create a vision board for areas that inspire you.

2. Pick 5 things in common between the images

This will help you understand your style more. I basically pick out the common features in my dream environment.

3. Rearrange your room before putting things back

Changing your environment will make you feel how much you owned more than you need. It gives your eye a chance to spot the change more.

4. Moving to a smaller apartment if possible

When you live in a huge place you tend to want to fill it. And worse not even acknowledge that you own a lot of space gives the illusion of fewer belongings.

5. Put everything on a side a pick for usage only

At that point, some of you will have still more things than what they need. This helps a lot trust me. Keep things for categories you still own lots of things in it. Keep things in a box and whenever you need something go grab it from the box and put it where you use it.

6. Find a smart organized way to put things back

If you have 10 toiletry items that are placed in a messy manner you will not be sufficient. Our eyes contribute a lot to how minimal we become. If things are places nicely you will never feel the urge to buy new nice looking things.

7. Keep surfaces clear always

Clutter attracts clutter so always keep surfaces clear and you will notice how you always have less coming in as it gets noticed in your space easily.

8. Try to pack everything as if you're going on a long trip

When up pack you downsize as your priorities come to light. Try doing that to your things and see how your priorities will change the game.

Phase 3:
Maintain your goal

1. Stop Shopping randomly

I am guilty! yes yes yes. I do those random trips to shopping areas and malls. But seriously you get yourself to point zero every time. Stop them and have an assessment to your behavior. When I go out of control I hop into a shopping challenge which gets things back in place.

2. When you finish a product buy another

Never buy a shampoo except when yours is over. Don't try things out just for the ad you saw. Buy things when the product you use finishes.

3. For everything one thing in one out

When you buy something, get rid of something you have. This will make you think twice before buying anything.

4. Don't accept freebies

Anything for free is not yours don't take it. Really how on earth will it be something you needed?

5. Don't accept paper

Paper is clutter and environmental problem. Say no to paper freebies like brochures and flyers.

6. Reorganise every now and then

When you reorganize you declutter and this will help you maintain your belongings and eliminate things you don't need.

7. Have a bag to always put things for donation in it

I have one beside the door and at the end of the month I sell, donate, or trash what's in this bag. I also had the habit of telling my friends to check this ag and grab what they want from it.


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