Minimalist apartment conversion

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Nothing is better than living with less I realized. I gathered my valuable tips of conversion to a minimalist space. This could apply to an apartment or a room. I also have a video for my own apartment makeover.

Visual guide for a minimal home...

1- Get rid of the unnecessary.

You can't live in a minimal looking place while you have unnecessary items all around. Declutter and clean up before we start the visual decor.

2- Minimalists dream in white.

White walls create the minimal effect in no time. The color gives an airy look all around. Also, it's a nice break to come back home to a clean simple wall color.

3- Simple color palette.

Use fewer colors yet fixed ones. For me, 3 is a good number of color variation. Main color 60%, complementary color 30%, and an accent color 10%.

4- Less furniture, think of the usage.

If there is a chair you have in case someone comes to your house, get rid of it. Get furniture that serves two purposes. The less furniture the better as you don't need the usage of.

5- Clear surfaces

Easier to clean are those clear surfaces. It's harder to clutter them as it will be noticeable. Also, they give the space an airy feeling

6- Big minimal art

Big art pieces make the area look spacy. Also, minimal art keeps decor at bay.

7- Texture and materials

Minimal apartments could be cozy as well. That could be achieved by layering texture into space but keeping the color palette intact.

8- Odd numbers decor

This is an interior designing secret. They taught this to us in design school. Odd numbers arrangements are more appealing and balanced to the eyes. This applies to everything! Decor arrangements, wall art, and color palettes.

9- White curtains to make the are feel spacy

They allow light in the area. Give an illusion of height and bring an airy feeling to space.

10- Focus on essentials

Really when things are just there to be used they give you a weird satisfaction. Really focus on what matters in the area more than anything else.

And lastly, always remember that less is more.


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