Challenge yourself while monitoring your shopping behaviour with weekly random challenges that helps you adjust your shopping habits. 

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12 Challenges

It takes 91 days to develop a habit. For 3 months, weekly challenges designed  to help you adjust your Consumption rate and develop a habit. 

There was nothing I really urgently needed to buy, or which cannot wait a few days. I realised that I am already really good at not buying a lot.
Sarina Walter
UX Designer
The prioritisation exercise I did for myself while sorting unused clothes in the week helped me decide what things I would want to give away or replace.
Yacoub Yassin
UX Designer

Shopping Ban

No shopping is allowed! If you need something try to look up alternatives from what you have.


Turn things Digital: subscriptions, images, books, CDs, DVDs, take photos of things with sentimental value and give it away...etc.

Pack It

For a week create a travel weeklist of things you need. Pack it in a bag and only use items in this bag. Food is not included.

Hunt Duplicates

In areas, you find many choices, eliminate duplicates. Ex: Have two saucepans same size? keep one and give away the other.

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