Make Ikea Furniture Look Expensive

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It can get really pricey to furnish an empty apartment. Going to Ikea I found practical pieces that fit my tiny studio apartment in Berlin. Nevertheless, I also hate the cheap look of some pieces they sell at Ikea. That encouraged me to look at the beautiful internet for inspiration. And as you can see here is some pictures of my apartment after all the DIY's I got to create.

Moreover, I decided to share with you all a list of my top Z-Gallerie inspired DIY's that will give you the look of expensive luxury interiors for way less.

1- Kullen Drawers Hack

Inspiration Link


One of my favorite IKEA hacks is the Kullen drawers transformation. I got gold adhesive contact paper, Marble adhesive contact paper, and table legs. Following the instructions of the inspiration link, I added above I created this beautiful chest of drawers. I use it now as a bedside table/ desk with storage. It looks very elegant and elevates the area so much. All I had to do was to cover the top with the marble contact paper, and the spaces between drawers with the metallic contact paper. Afterward, I spray painted the legs gold, then screwed the legs to it which gave the piece a different style and height.


2- Ekby Shelves Bracket Lamp

Inspiration Link


This DIY was a hybrid between two projects: the shelf bracket dangling lamp and the macrame braided lamp cord. Generally, I believe that indirect lighting makes any space more elegant; this project is the perfect way to have lighting that is soft and artistic. It came out beautifully and looks sophisticated making my living room brighter. The steps are easy, 1st I spray painted the brackets, then I braided lamp cord, attached the lamp to it, lastly I hanged both brackets to the wall.


3- Tullsta Chair Hack

Inspiration Link


Seeing the Cream club chair IKEA hack post I wanted to get the look right away. I have to admit I was very lazy and worked with what I got to save money, but it came out very elegant at the end. I got the piping cord from Amazon, then glued it with the glue gun to the chair seams. Very easy and makes the chair look more sophisticated.


4- Curtains Hack


A little pompom detail and tassels can transform a boring white curtain from IKEA, and gives the space more elegance. All I did was, using the glue gun, attach the black pompoms trim to the edges of the curtains. Afterwards, I got that cream thick yarn and made a very simple tassel.


5- Rast Drawers Hack

Inspiration Link


Wanting a big dresser that doesn't cost a fortune seemed impossible. This hack transformed two of the cheap Rast drawers from IKEA into this beautiful TV drawers focal point. The steps are as follows: Use a wood stain in the colour you desire (mine was emerald green) and stain the wood pieces before assembling the drawers, Spray paint the knobs gold (you can also change the knobs altogether), Assemble both drawers after the paint dries, screw them from the inner side together, attach the knobs and drawers. It took me around three hours to make this beauty and I encourage you to try this DIY.


6- Lack Bench Hack

Inspiration Link


The easiest hack of them all, Just spray paint the legs and get a cushion for it. It is durable and I love how sleek and geometric it is. Definitely, a must try easy DIY.


7- Hyllis Shelves Hack

Inspiration Link


I am certain you already saw this DIY somewhere or even didn't know that it is a DIY project altogether. It's a very cheap and transforming hack. I didn't make a great effort honestly with this, I 1st covered the shelves with the marble contact paper, and spray painted the legs, that's all. But it looks very nice especially if you style it correctly. A must try!



  • Sharmin says:

    Loveed your diys! Specially the rest drawer hack, love the green! I am going to steal that idea!

    • angiesalama says:

      It turned out beautiful yes! Thanks a lot and please show me how yours turn out 🙂


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