Lounge like a queen

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In this day and age, being busy is glorified. Humans were not built to do so much without unwinding and wandering. Everyone deserves time for their own head, time to recharge, and time to get back more aware. I will share with you my favorite way to lounge like a queen.

1- Turn off the connection.

It’s hard I know but you deserve to focus only on you. I know you will be tempted to take images and post them on social media saying “lounge time”. But trust me for once do it without expectations and just to truly rest.

2- Play calm music

I play the generic Spotify calm playlist. It sets the atmosphere around you. Also, help a lot you distract yourself from not having social media for a bit. I would suggest looking for music only playlist as lyrics could have an effect on you making you sad or happy. The goal here is to be neutrally calm with no thoughts.

3- Scents

Any sort of scents will also help a lot. I usually use either cheap scents from the euro shop or candles. Opt for the lavender scent it’s very calming and healthy. You can also use a humidifier for the scents and put essential oils in it.

4- Make tea

Herbal teas and green teas work beautifully to cleanse the body from within. The warm water forces you drink slowly and be in the moment. The string herbal taste makes your buds work to identify the mixture you drink.

5- Face steaming

You don’t need the machine to do this. I get a pan put on a stove with water and put in it some limes, mint leaves, cinnamon, sometimes green tea. Once it boils I place it on the table waiting for 5 mins for it to cool a bit. Then I put my face away a bit on top of it and cover myself with a towel. This is not only good for the skin but also for your breathing. The scents and steam cleanse you from within and calm you.

6- Apply face and body mask

I usually buy the cheap mud mask packs in the drug store and apply them all over my body. And for my face, I go generously applying a mask. I usually wear cute loungewear. And lay on the sofa drinking the tea.

7- Use meditation apps

At that point after the tea, steam, and while the mask is on I put my headphones on ad open a meditation app. My favorite is head space and relaxes lite by Andrew Johnston. I follow what it says and in an instant, my head is so calm like never before. If you have a tub you can lay in it if not like me the sofa is good enough.

8- Pamper yourself

I take my long shower where I wash my hair, shave, apply my face peel, remove facial hair,...etc. this is the time I take full care of myself and I make sure I take as long as it takes to make me feel glamorous. I use my favorite products to be perfectly in my best spirits.

May this day bless your busy week. Run open your phone someone might have called 😀


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