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Coming from an aristocratic middle-class family, I can assure you that in order to look classy, elegant, and expensive you don't need expensive things. All you need is the right choices, taste, aesthetics, and attitude. I will share with you here some tips that will ensure you look expensive immediately.

1- look for your style type

Don’t assume that classy or elegant is an enough specification. Both Audrey Hebron and Kim Kardashian look expensive, yet have two very different styles. Also, when you look at brands both Chanel and Gucci are expensive yet very different in style as well. So think again which expensive category you fit in. This will determine your choices. The style I like to refer to is classic classy, and most of the tips I will give you here suit that style more. Once you know which style you prefer start copying it.

2- Nails

My grandma always said that nails could make a girl look classy or not easily. Never too long nor bitten till the end, short to medium nails are the best. Moderation is key to looking expensive. Also, not all colors are considered elegant. Specific colors are always found in the big event the top of them is the simple french manicure, after it comes all the nudes and taupes. The reason behind that is light colored nails look longer and hide imperfections. Reds also are flattering, yet if they got chapped look unflattering at all. That’s the reason why I prefer always nudes the most.

3-Statment sunglasses

I would suggest you invest in it and choose well something that flatters your face shape and skin tone. I get mine in high-end brands from TK Max here is Germany, which is equivalent to TJ Max in the USA. If you can't afford an expensive one no problem you can find dupes almost everywhere. Just make sure you get ones that flatter you.

4- Classic gold or silver wrist watch

The classic wrist watch is the pick for the ladies. Trendy styles in the watches department are cool and good yet not timeless and give you away easily as someone trendy. And a lady is classic and timeless and she picks what is known to be elegant.

5- Diamond classic studs

No one will know the real thing from the fake. You can get silver studs with Zircon instead of real diamonds. They always look elegant, simple, and timeless.

6- A Signature Scent

Perfume through ages has been portrayed as some magical sensational liquid that reflects one's character. I used to say Nah that's not true and it doesn't matter. Until I was out with some friends and a friend of my friend came and her scent was very strong and lovely that I immediately took her in my head as an elegant representable woman. I asked her about her perfume and she told me any scent works as strong if it's an au du toilette and over a moisturized skin.

7- Neutral colors

Basics are your best friend. Again moderation is key to look elegant. If you look all over the internet you will find classical timeless pieces adorning the trendy ones. So make sure to get your basics and mix them along a bit of those trendy patterns and colors.

8- Simple makeup

Vogue is a great source for makeup looks that expensive luxurious people do. Look for their routines you will find that simple wins the game. I will link here some of my favorite looks:

9- Signature red lips

When in doubt go for red lips with mascara. Red lips are known to be Hollywood glam. It dresses up almost anything.

10- Structured clothes

Structured clothes show effort and class. From blazers to classic pants they give you as someone who took time to prepare your outfit.

11- Monochromatic outfits

Outfits in the same color make you look slimmer and leaner. Also, this is a great way to play around with different textures in the same color.

12- Materials matter

Silk, for example, is a great material, yet if mixed wrong will look very cheap. I always like to stay safe, by mixing light fabrics with thick structured ones. By doing so the contrast makes the fabric look more authentic.

13- Belt your jackets

The times this trick dressed up my outfit are endless. It adds color, structure, and a sense of style. Buy one good classic belt and thank me later!

14- Tuck your shirts

More tailored, and long legs are instant with this one! It gives a fancy look right away.

15- Pointy shoes

No clue why but this also is a trick used so much by style icons. And it works, pointy shoes, always dress up any item you wear and make you look fancy.

16- Pressed tailored clothes

creased shirts look horrible and not luxurious no matter how expensive they are. Things that fit badly also look cheap. So iron on and tailor your clothes and pay close attention to the fit of anything you buy.

17- Dainty jewelry

The more jewelry you wear the more boho and fewer luxuries you look. So fake original jewelry by wearing a fake tennis bracelet alone, it will look exactly like the real thing. Get simple rings that look like the diamond ones. The look for less will make you look luxuriously legit.

18- Polished hair

Have a nice cut, wear it with simple hairstyles, or have it done simply. But always polished! My favorite channel for hair generally is this:

19- Match your shoes with your bag

It seems more official if both are matchy-matchy. No need for expensive pieces just match the style and color of your bag and shoes and see the magic happen.

20- Avoid prints

Prints are hard to style. So stay away from them as much as you can.

21- Replace your buttons

Standard buttons could look cheap. So go to the nearest craft shop or order from Amazon a set of good-looking buttons and see the item get transformed.

22- Invest in quality pieces

A good looking bag, a branded belt, an everyday accessory piece,..etc. Start with street brand up to the big brand names. Check outlets, big sales, and shops like TJ Max. I started by prioritizing when my favorite bag got ripped instead going buying 1 from H and M I went and invested in Michael Kors. After a couple of years I invested in a Longchamp and now I am planning to sell both and buy a Chanel. So save for quality items instead of buying many cheap ones.

23- The way you walk and talk

Manners give you away too soon. If you talk in a very loud way and interrupt others in conversation you will come off as very rude. Be decent in your conversation to show class. Don' walk slouchy not only for your good looks but your back health.

24- Learn basic etiquette

Basic etiquette helps a lot. Look up on youtube the basic etiquette and try to integrate it into your life.

25- Look good at all the time

That what made my grandma always look glamorous to others even when she became old. Your loungewear shouldn't be your old clothes. Have a dress robe for at home lounging. Match your underwear and socks. And look good at every point of the day. This is not for others remember that! it's for you as you deserve to act and be the queen of your own life.



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