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Is it impossible to grow your hair? struggled to get the damage out of it? Well, I was like that for ages. I burnt my hair with bleach and weird cuts before I understand how hair could be restored and maintained well. I gathered 21 tips that could help you out there grow long and strong hair.

Use wooden brushes and combs

This changed the game so much for me. You see plastic and metal are very harsh and create little breaks that the eye can't see to the hair core. Your hair is created out of layers. When you rub the outside layer of your hair too much it starts the breakage that develops into split ends. Also, plastic brushes are static producing which results in hair fizziness. Time to ditch those plastic ones you own and get yourself a wooden sturdy one.

Brush from bottom to top

Let me inform you that the way you brush your hair really affects your hair growth cycle. What holds your hair to your scalp is just a small hair follicle. When you brush your hair from top to bottom you get stuck and pull to get your brush through the tangles. Which makes your hair very fragile and falls. The solution is to start to untangle it from bottom to top. Hold your hair from the end and brush what's down then hold up a bit and so on until you're reaching the top then brush from top to bottom.

Brush when the roots are dry

Water gets your pores open and your scalp is skin if you didn't know! so when you wash your hair the follicle expands leaving the hair root more fragile than usual. This leads your hair to fall more when you brush it wet. When you take a shower wait until your roots dry before brushing your hair.

Less brushing, keep it braided

The last point leads us here. Brushing in general puts so much pressure on your hair. So try to keep your hair braided while sleeping to prevent tangling from the start. And make brushing your hair happen once when you wake up and the other time before going to bed.

Oil prior washing always

Water and chemicals strip your skin and hair from their natural oils. Therefore when you shower you clean your hair and strip it out of natural oils. When you oil your scalp before you shower you ensure that the scalp is protected and nourished. Also, Hair oils promote hair growth. Apply the oil while massaging your scalp before you shower with an hour minimum. Oils that I love for my hair are Coconut oil, Castor oil, Sesame oil, Almond oil, and Neem oil.

Wash twice a week

So now you know from what I wrote that water and chemicals open your follicles and strip your hair of natural oils. It's best to make sure you find the balance and know how often you should wash your hair. I shower with my hair twice a week and that keeps the balance of my hair staying clean all week long.

Wash your hair backward

Let me tell you that I never knew how volume my hair could have except after knowing this trick. So I give my hair 2 rounds with shampoo normally. The trick here is to shampoo once from the front while your hair falls on your back. And then the 2nd wash with your hair flipped on your face and wash backward. Enjoy volumized and extremely clean hair.

Hair rinses instead of conditioner

The idea of applying apple cider vinegar after shower grossed me out so much when I heard it at first. Yet I have to admit it works into giving you shiny hair. Yet my absolute favorite and the one I use regularly is the rosemary hair rinse. I basically boil some rosemary and wait until it cools down. Filter the water and use it after you use your shampoo then rinse with water. Rosemary smells great and clarify the hair from products residue and leaves it shiny.

Whip your hair to dry

Sounds weird that "I whip my hair back and forth" song helps grow your hair? weirdly enough my dermatologist was the one who asked me to do that after each shower I take. This helps untangle your hair, dry it, and enhance blood circulation. How to do it then? I go out of the shower and whip my hair back and forth for 3-4 times slowly. It's refreshing as well by the way.

Oil your ends

How many times do you moisturize your skin? once or twice a day right? your hair needs the same thing! Every day I apply a tiny amount of hair serum or oil to my ends. I use coconut oil as it smells nice and I saw girls in India do that at the dorms and no need to tell you how their hair looked like.

Comb the hair then brush it

I never understood why my mother did that until I tried it. If your hair gets very tangled easily this tip will help you reduce the damage you do while combing your hair. I use a wooden wide tooth comb to untangle my hair a bit then use my brush. I noticed less hair falling than when I directly used my brush right away.

Henna is awesome!

The dorm lady applied henna on her daughter's hair every weekend. Seeing this got me really curious why?! When I asked she told me henna is food for the hair. When I looked online the benefits of henna astonished me! I took from her the recipe and oh my the results when I was regular on this! I have to warn you though it's very messy, once you get used to it things get better. In summer I do this every weekend. And in winter I do it twice or once a month.

You can find my recipe in this video:

Braid the hair to bed

When you sleep you lose control on your movement. Which leads to hair tangles and hair getting on the skin and giving you breakouts. Braiding your hair gives you beautiful waves and ensures fewer tangles while you sleep. Also, Braids are less stressful on the scalp than a ponytail for instance.

Layers make your hair weaker

My hairdresser was cutting my ends once and suggested that she gives me layers for a volumized look. I never regretted something more than that! You see when you have grass it grows stronger and denser when it's all the same length. Your hair as well! layers need maintenance and split ends happen more aggressively on layered hair. Also, it may give you a volumized messy look but when you hold your strands they will be way thinner and less dense with layers.

Use natural shampoos

This was a tough transition for me. In general, my hair is a combination with oily roots and dry ends. I was facing trouble already finding good shampoos. I try the no poo method, the no sulfate shampoos and mostly they failed. I use now the Ogx with fewer chemicals than the usual. Also, I heard that L'Oreal Botanicals also is good, yet I haven't tried it yet.

Use hot then cold water

This tip applies for both your facial skincare and scalp. Hot water expands the hair follicles and pores and cold water does the opposite. When you wash with acceptable hot water then acceptable cold water that your skin can take it ensures the hair follicles go back after washing. Also, cold water gets your hair shiny.

Don’t dye your hair

I know this is hard for most people. But give your hair a break really. You can either use natural hair dyes. If you want lighter hair colors try to make ombre or Baliage instead and keep your roots dye free a bit.

Heat & styling alternatives

This can be hard for some I know. But seriously give your hair a break to grow. Learn alternative no heat methods. You can find thousands online on youtube. Also, some hairstyles like braids and buns would need minimal heat usage.

Take Vitamins

I am a fan of a healthy lifestyle, yet if you're busy eating healthy and staying on top of your game may be hard. So a multi-vitamin, fish oil, Biotin, and Iron supplements helped me a lot and so they can help you as well.

Drink Water

Come on! I know you hear that everywhere. But really if I tell you there is something that is going to give you good skin, healthy hair, make you lose weight, and generally, keeps you on top of your health how much will you pay for that? Yes, water does all of the above. Go drink now!


I knew this works when I did a 2 weeks juice fast for detoxing before. I described drinking juices to my doctor as a needle shot in the main artery! You feel the minerals and vitamins going into your veins and benefitting you.
I will link you my all-time favorite hair growth recipe here:


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