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Years ago I traveled to India searching for my true self. Trying to find meaning in this life, little did I know, I stumbled upon mystical beauty secrets of the great India. I was staying at a girls dorm and every night after the university was off we would go to the Great Hall and sit. Seeing the girls putting on masks, Henna, and so many other beauty remedies. I gathered to you my most valuable lessons that I obtained from this journey and I swear if you just give this a try it will work for you.

1– Tumeric

This beautiful spice is not only tasty but also very beneficial. Potent with so many powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it heals the skin from within. Mainly in India, they mix Tumerick with yogurt and put it on their faces. I saw the girls almost every day putting this concussion on their faces. Not only that, even at weddings, the ceremonies are not complete if the Tumerick day doesn't take place. In this ceremony, they put all over the bride's body turmeric mixed with yogurt and oh my! it works like magic.

2- Henna

In my country, all girls used henna frequently for a natural hair dye alternative. Yet in India, I found that henna is used for making your hair grow longs and strong. There, I was advised to use henna on my hair at least once a month. And the results were gorgeous you guys! My hair benefitted a lot. It's a messy process, yet if done several times you will get a grasp of it in no time. I have to warn you if you have a light hair color this will not work as it will cancel any ashy tones in your hair.

Watch my favorite henna recipe mixture:



Wait I'm not done with henna! They use it also to dye their eyebrows. you see henna stains the skin so it works even better than the eyebrows box dyes! You can buy henna tubes at a local Indian shop or make your own recipe at home.

Here is the recipe to try it ( make sure to do a skin test to avoid any reactions):

- 1 Table Spoon Henna Powder

- 1 Table Spoon Ground coffee

- 1/4 Cup Cloves

- 2 Table Spoon Lemon juice

- Plastic wrapping paper

Put the coffee and cloves in 1/4 a cup of water, then bring them to a boil. Strain this mix to get rid of any particles. Put the henna in a bowl then add 50/50 lemon and the water mixture then stir until it becomes a paste-like chocolate Nutella. It's preferred to use a plastic spoon for mixing. Cover with the plastic wrap by pressing it into the mixture for a close seal and leave for 24 hours so that the dye gets released. You into! With a small angled brush start outlining your eyebrows and leave the mixture on until the henna gets dry then wash.

3- Hair Oils

Oiling the hair roots and strands is something that Indian girls and boys do almost every day. Before and after the shower by themselves, friends, or mothers. And I only got it prior trying it the results are magical. So What I do is every time before my shower I massage oils through my roots then brush it so that my strands get nourished. The main oils they use are Coconut oil, Almond oil, and Amla oil. I honestly mix the three and use them since then.

4- Coconut oil

My star jar! The coconut oil uses are endless. From hair growth to moisturizing skin. I religiously use it as a makeup remover, taking some in my hand and massage all over my face and eyes then wipe the dirty makeup off with a tissue paper. I massage it all over my body after shaving for a moisturized silky skin. Add it to some brown sugar and bam you have got yourself a body scrub. Coconut oil is a magical ingredient you guys really!

5- Milk products for beauty

Yes yes yes! In India milk is a gift from the gods. And adding it to your beauty regime really makes a difference. Add yogurt to turmeric and rub all over your body. Mix yogurt and honey and put it on your face for an instant plump. Mix it with an egg and put it on your hair wrapping it in a hot towel and say bye bye to hair breakage.


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