How to always look good

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My grandma used to say that looking good is not related to money nor belongings. And I believed her when I watched a video in the 50's on how to look good. I gathered all information that really worked with me. So let's get glamorous with effortless tips...

1- Undergarments matter!

Invest in these, what cut fits and what is needed for me? Bras and underwears have designers that work to create for you something that fits right and support your body. Go get your bra size right at a lingerie shop. Online also you can find thousands of videos to show you how to get the right fit.

2- Additional support matter

Women for ages used corsets for a straight back and a posture. That was extreme and now we have the power to pick what we want. Yet support really makes a difference. Now you can get the nylon under skirts to make your skirt more flattering. The Tops that shape the body a bit also give support smoothing things out under clothes.

3- Do your laundry right

Never wear clothes that are stained, dirty, or not ironed. No matter how expensive your belongings are, if not clean it will look bad. Make sure you know how to do your laundry well. Use fabric softeners and iron them after washing.

4- Skin and hair care is essential

When you are well-taken care of you show radiance and elegance. You don't need to pay a lot of money for your skin or hair care products. You just need to spend a bit of your time on taking care of yourself. If you're a busy person that's even a more priority to give yourself a bit of time and care for yourself.

5- What makeup suits you

Makeup is tricky if you're a newbie. But every person has some features that would look great if focused on. If you have defined thick eyebrows extenuate them. Use makeup to highlight your perfections and get your best foot out there.

6- Always groomed nails.

No need to do expensive pedicures but file your nails, keep them clean, and paint them. Make sure that they don't look bad as they show that you are careless.

7- Hair removal

This is very debatable depending on where you come from. But universally, you see celebrities in any red carpet event or TV ad with skin that looks sleek and has no hair on. Trim, Bleach, shave, or whichever method you like but make sure that if you wear revealing clothes to tame those hairs.

8- Shower daily

I shower my body every morning with gentle natural cosmetics soap, apply lotion, and spray my body with a fragrance I like. Not only you will smell gorgeous but also you will feel the most confident of all and freshly new every day.

9- White shoes

My white chunky sneakers dress almost everything. Even structured office attire gets edgier with white sneakers. You can find them now everywhere in the cheap stores, and big brands so get you one soon.

10- Choose only two colors building your outfits

I am no expert are what truly looks good. But if there is one thing that got people to tell me that I look good always is that I play it safe. Mix neutral colors and preferably only two colors. It's easier to pull off an outfit in basics or fewer colors than mix more and risk it coming off weirdly.

11- Tuck or tie your shirt

People who tuck their shirts even with a basic t-shirt and jeans look as if they spent more hours thinking about their outfits. But it's usually that tucking or tying of the shirt is what makes you look up a notch.

12- Clothes that flatter your body shape

I grew through body image issues and eating disorders. Yet I understood that we come in all shapes and sizes. Embracing this will make you always look good. Identify your body shape and get into knowing which clothing items work with your shape best.

13- Fitting clothes

Women through centuries paid thousands of dollars for tailors to get that perfect fit. They got it right! Clothes should hug your body and make you feel comfortable and confident. So don't buy too loose nor too tight clothes. Most stores could get you things tailored shorter or tighter in areas. Or even learn basic stitching and fix things you love to fit you better. This will make you look put together instantly.

14- Plan ahead

This changed my life. Seriously planning a week worth of outfits every Sunday gave me time to sleep a bit longer in the morning! Not only that but also it made getting ready so easy and I come as stylish all the time with this! If you wanna know how I plan my outfits check this video:

15- Your bag matters

It adds glamour and edge. I invest always in a good looking neutral bag.that dress up even the ugliest shirt and pants. Trust me it will take your look up a notch and make you look put together and well thought through.

16- Glasses flatter

Not only they frame your face but also they hide sleepless eyes when you rush or travel and want to look put together fast. This is something that celebrities do all the time on a daily basis to run errands. Not only for privacy but for glam and edge. So invest in good flattering sunglasses.

17- Belts and scarves dress up any outfit

Not sure what to wear? want to change an outfit you wore before? or you wanna travel and pack lightly? nothing transforms an outfit more than scarves and belts. Really plain shirt and pants? spice them up with a colorful scarf. Tuck your plain shirt in and add a belt! you will look different in no time.

18- Accessorize

My statement necklaces put my outfits on a new level. Dress up a plain shirt, make a sad day edgier and accessorize. Also, invest in your daily accessories and your wristwatch. I grab my main accessory pieces every day on the go and they complete my look.

19- Focal point, make a statement

In design school, they teach us to have one catchy element that draws the attention to the poster. I apply this as well to styling. I wear mostly monotones and bam add this element to draw attention to it. It could be a colorful jacket, bag, scarf, shoes, ...etc. This also helps a lot to hide part you don't like about your body. For instance, I hate how my stomach looks so I always drape a colorful scarf on top which hides it beautifully.

20- Comfort matters

If you don't feel comfortable you are not going to act confidently. you are going to sit uncomfortably and you will not look or feel good. So please if it's uncomfortable know for sure that it's not good looking. And if someone tells you it's good or stuff like that think about how you will avoid wearing that thing as it annoys you.

21- Have a style icon

Taylor Swift and Marilyn Monroe are known and recognized with red lipstick, Amy Winehouse and black cat eyeliner, Audrey Hepburn and the sleek hairstyles. Find your own icon that people recognizes you for. It could be a lipstick shade, a hair color, special eyeglasses. Literally, anything that is special to you that you always have on will become a style icon for you. And without it, you will feel lost.


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