How to afford and build a luxury collection

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I never thought I would end up advocating for luxury products and as much as I love a bargain I have to say that a capsule closet of quality brands is much better to live with than a huge changeable pax system from Ikea to accommodate bad shopping habits. All this started after my failed attempt to buy thrifted items when I discovered the bad side of fast fashion. I now want to support luxury craftsmanship and designers like me who make things after a lot of work. And the idea of timeless pieces I could hand down to my kids one day amuse me.

Wait let’s pop this cloud of ideas for a second but I am a normal girl who earns above the average wage by a bit, how can I achieve that luxury collection? How can I become one of those ladies who stand put in the crowd?

You came to the right place, I will unveil the secrets to afford and build luxury on a budget so stay tuned...

1. Never buy luxury for special occasions

We keep saving for this bag to wear for an event that never comes. For events, you can rent dresses and bags for a fraction of the price and my favorite websites for that are:

Now you can save that money for events and get the everyday basics. But for sure you have to make the equation of how much is the item you buy per wear. Invest in an everyday luxury bag, sunglasses, belt...etc. things that will get you up a notch when worn on day to day basis. And for occasions simply rent your way out. No one wants to wear the same red dress in every wedding they attend trust me.

2. Create a saving sub-account

We all create a saving account to out money on a side and say I am saving yet it always gets lost when we save x amount and not sure what to spend that amount on. By contacting your bank you can divide the account manually into categories, or simply if you transfer from your main account use the transfer description for each item you wish to own. And just like that you get to where you want effortlessly, you decide easier and get motivated for the cause.

3. Buy pre-loved items

You can save a lot of money doing so. It’s important to also bargain your way and ask as many questions your seller to get to know the factor of selling. You can get best prices if your seller wants to sell the item fast. Yet some other buyers can wait a millennium until they find someone to pay the amount they want.

4. Use software to navigate discounts

Some online websites always notify you with the sale on your item. One I like to use is this:

It helps a lot as you wait to buy the item at the best price possible. This software notify you when a sale is on or your item is out of stock which helps you get it at the best time possible.

5. Never rush buying luxury items

You see even people with tons of money they never rush and buy with the same attitude we have when we buy from h and m for example. They hunt the item looking for reviews and which leather to pick and how the bag will live and so on. Do your research until you find your perfect pieces.

6. Exchanging what you own

You always wonder which items to invest in and for me, I started by exchanging what I own with similar things to it but from luxury brands. My regular scarf to the Burberry one, my black belt into the Gucci leather belt and so on. This ensures that you will reach out to the item more often which sustains the usability ratio to how it costs.

7. Outlet stores & Duty frees are your besties

Shops like TJ-Max, TK-Max, and Zalando are shockingly beneficial I once found a 1000 euro worth Dolce & Gabanna shoes for 100. I now whenever need an item or want to exchange an item I go there to check first. Every city nowadays also have an outlet mall so when planning your next vacation keep in mind cities that have an outlet mall or shops and plan ahead items you can get. Also, some countries duty

8. Sell what you don’t use

Sell things you don’t use and get with that money timeless items. 10 items of junk into one jewel is worth it and will live it’s cost well. I sold things around the house I don't use and put them in something luxurious I wear everyday now.

9. Stop your aimless shopping trips

I struggled badly from stopping my random “ I will stop by Primark to see their new collection” and this saved me so much money as I was on regular basis getting there and buying things I don’t need.

10. Save up!

I was a shopaholic for years and minimalism changed me. If you want to know how I saved up money check my blog about money-saving hacks:





  • Jiani says:

    I actually took your advice and started my sub account to save for what i really want. I would shop and by cheapies here and there that did not last and in the long run, i’ve been loosing money or i’d get tired of it or regret the purchase. I am practicing being more mindful and investing in items i really love. I have been also looking into gently used items myself. I have used sites such as ebay and the real real thus far. but for now i mainly create my wish list and wait. i would love a nice gold watch that works well with everything because my quick buy cheap ones have either faded or fallen apart lol. not everything that is cheap is good and of course vice versa but really saving up and getting something you love that lasts is worth it for your closet and in the log run for your pockets! love your youtube chanel by the way!

    • angiesalama says:

      Starting and changing your lifestyle is always hard at first but so rewarding later. Now I am enjoying my savings and with them, I applied for a masters degree and bought designer items that gave my simple wardrobe a boost. I am supporting you and wish you get to the level of mindfulness you want to achieve. All the best!


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