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Do you feel something is missing on the walls? Well, I looked up for a while how to decorate the wall above my dining area. However, decorating has always been tricky for me especially hanging things on walls. Gallery walls popped up on my Pinterest feed and I fell in love. Yet I felt it's quite tricky to create a gallery wall without mistakes. Fear no more you don't need to follow my mistakes as I am here to tell you the best way to create a gallery wall effortlessly. Also, it's fair to mention that all the items I used are from the euro shop and super cheap! So It's definitely a great elegant decor hack that is cheap.

Let me walk you through the steps...

1-Pick a theme

Black and white photos? Vacation images? a mix? Which would you pick depends on various points; This step is essential to have a good looking gallery wall. Yet, it's tricky as there are so many options to choose from. So now you ask which theme to pick? I would say pay attention to your area's color scheme. Also, ask yourself is this gallery wall my focal point? or a complementary piece for my living room?


2-Configure a layout

Do you prefer a grid or a mismatched look? Matching frames? Take your time deciding but note that the size of the area determine a lot which you pick. For me, I always felt that the grid stands out the most. It's effortlessly elegant and can't go wrong easily. Also, matching frames for me win. If mismatched frames are what you would like to go for I would suggest to have them in the same color at least.


3-Lay it out

Now lay it out on the ground to see how it will come out. If you're not following a fixed grid I suggest to start with the biggest piece and adding the smaller frames aside it according to the wall area. Use inspiration from the internet for a mixed frames gallery wall. My favorite place for that is Pinterest. I highly recommend taking pictures of every style you lay out before you commit and then compare to choose your favorite at the end. And maybe you get creative and make a gallery wall for different areas at your home.


4-Gather supplies

Now gather the following supplies to re-create the look I achieved:

  • Frames in the same color and size.
  • Thick sketch paper (for padding)
  • Printed images (mine I took from small celebrity books at the euro shop)
  • Tools: Scissors, Cutter, ruler, Scrap paper (I used a Primark big bag)

5-Prep time

Now it's the time to frame your images! I got the images in a smaller size than the frames and got a thick white paper to add as padding. This look is timeless and gives elegance to the frames. All I did I cut the paper to the frame size, then cut the area inside with the size of my image. You can skip it if the style you chose is different. In this case, attach images to the frames you picked.


6-Mock it up

To make sure you have the right composition, and avoid nailing it wrong to the wall this step is essential. Basically, cut from the scrap paper the frame sizes then tape them to the wall. Mark the center of the frame and measure the distances. Use the ruler to measure spaces between frames for a perfect grid. Now nail the pins on the wall confidently and remove these papers.


7-Hang and enjoy

Now comes our favorite part! Hang the frames on the wall. Sit and enjoy your hard work outcome. Cheers!


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