Color theory & how to utilize it

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By the time you reach this post mostly you're tired hearing about warm skin tones and cools skin tones...etc. And the internet is full of color theory in all categories fashion, makeup, interiors, even food. But we are alike after all, these posts never helped me understand color theory and even worse studying design and looking through color pantones didn't help me utilize the color theory in my daily tasks.

Shades & undertones

Yes, shades! each color has many shades with undertones and those are what matter as none of us is purely warm nor cool. My very 1st accidental realization of this came from choosing my bedroom color; all I wanted was white to end up picking from two pages of color white pantones. So the white can have a green, blue, yellow, or red undertone and Accordingly, each one of them will have a different effect.

Then, you'll ask what is my best tone?

There is no absolute answer to that question but you have to go through all shades of each color near the are you want to use, meaning when it's a lipstick try out shades with all undertones and take a flash photo to flatten all colors and give you the true match. I did this with all red lipsticks from different brands until I found the best shade for my skin and eyes.

How to utilize the color theory in fashion?

Everyone can wear all colors in the world, yet to make it help you look nicer you have to know how to utilize it. When color doesn't suit your skin tone or general color scheme (hair, eyes, and skin) play it with neutrals. Use it away from your face zone. or even use it in the accessories. When a color is hard to mix and match wear it monochromatic (all one color outfit).

What if I am buying online?

Reviews and pictures help a lot in that department as you will see the color combination of different people with different tones and the item you\re buying. I also recommend following a makeup channel of someone of your exact skin tone and hair color and preferably eye color too. And instagramers with the same vibe as you. This will help you a lot see how colors will look on you.

IMG_2178 copy
Lastly, How does the color theory affect interiors?

Interiors are so easy to spot, yes you heard me right! it all depends on what is the purpose of the room, weather, and location. So if the room is sunny a cool undertone is required and vice-versa. Also, the use of the room sometimes makes the color choice more fitting or mismatched. For that refer to the psychology of color.


And don't forget to have fun playing with colors! and break the rules xx


Photography by Manuel Emad

Location Dessau, Germany


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