Closet Declutter & Organisation 101

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Its that time of the year again; Seasons are changing and so is our wardrobe. So I thought, what better way is there to transition our Summer wardrobe to Autumn/Winter than to go all out and do a deep declutter- and start fresh.

I decided to declutter my Closet as well while sharing with you all the step by step process that I have been following for ages. So let's get started as we have an exciting fresh day!

Before you begin schedule your day off for the process, wear relaxing clothes, play your favorite music playlist, and enjoy the process by having a bottle of water and a warm cup of coffee.

Get everything out

Yes you heard me right! take everything from the closet out. Don't forget to also to get things in your laundry basket, things hung behind the door, and consider what you are wearing. It's important to get things out in categories. The categories here will be based on your liking.

Example: bottoms, tops for summer, tops for winter, seasonal items...etc.

 Draw/Get an image of your empty closet

This is essential so that you create a detailed system for the closet organisation. My closet is the Ikea SONGESAND closet, so I looked up an image for it online with the dimensions which will help us a lot later. If your closet is not easy to find them take an image and measure it yourself and write the dimensions on it. The most important dimensions to take are: height, width, and depth of each cabinet. It will be helpful if you are drawing it to add whether the cabinet has a hanging rod or shelves. And if there are shelves add each shelf dimensions as well.

Keep, Toss, & Maybe!

Now the fun begins! Go over each category and sort through it. I usually like to tape papers on the floor or use sticky notes labeled: Keep, Trash, Donate, Sell, Store, and Not Sure. I also sometimes like to have an estimate in my head of how many items I want in each category, for example: 10 bottoms, 20 T-shirts, 10 Jumpers, 3 Coats. This helps me select what i like from the pile most and not the other way around. I also like to select based on quality of the items and re-sale value. This is the longest of the process and the most essential. At the end write down how many item you have in each category. Put things to trash, donate, or sell on the side to consciously get rid of them. The maybe pile put it away in a box, put things back that you use from it and in 3 months get rid of things in it (you will never use it). Another thing that helps me a lot is to add things in my laundry in the keep pile as you already use them a lot. Make a decision if an item needs to get fixed or worth fixing and add it to a bag writing on it (ACTION!) to motivate you to mend the item.

Plan It Out

Now I want you to sit relax and treat it like a math equation because you are smart and sassy. I usually start with the easiest, things to be hung on hangers. Then things that would be folded, and afterwards things that need to be sorted in boxes. If you keep shoes and bags in the closet count those as well and think where is the best spot for them. Here I like to use the dimensions we took earlier to decide where to place what before I take the action only to figure out it doesn't fit. I recently discovered Aliexpress and I can't get enough! they have there the best organizers on earth (but as a warning it takes longer to deliver) but things are super cheap and so creative serving every need. This is not a sponsored post!! I really love it. I will list here things I selected for myself to organize the closet. But first let me give you an example of how I pick what to buy for organisation. I have 10 T-shirts that I want to put on a shelf, I have two options on Aliexpress I chose those folder like ones they come in a pack of 10 so I now need only one pack. I check the dimensions of the organizer to make sure it will fit the self. Now apply that to all items and order them. I place them in the areas until the orgnanizers arrive. And voala!

Sort things back in place


I waited until my organizers arrived and put things perfectly back!! It is important to have things easily accessible. Also make sure to store winter items with bug repellants to protect them. I also use closet freshers to make things smell good.

Tackle things you don't need

Now trash the ones of no use correctly following local guidelines. Then ones you can re-use and turn into cleaning cloth...etc. put aside. Things to donate put them in bags near your door to take them with you when you go out. And lastly, take images of ones you want to sell and post them online.

Track and create a wishlist

Well I am in the midst of creating my ultimate luxury closet. I decided to share with you all that so I keep here on my blog a page specially for that. So I decided to make my purchases conscious and keep it a tradition to have a fixed wish-list on my website that I update for items I want to Purchase. I’ve broken things on my list into short term purchases (require less saving and planning) and long term purchases (things that require a lot more planning and saving). I will also share items I purchased from my wish-list as well as things I want to upgrade that I already own. I like how this makes it so easy for me to visualize it. I want my wish-list to better compliment my closet and personal style to avoid impulse purchases.

Best of Luck in your journey!!


Make sure to update me here in the comments how did it go with you and share your own tips and tricks.


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