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Ever wondered how celebrities and influencers always look their best even in a white T-shirt? I personally before knowing what I will share with you always looked like I am robbing a bank in a potato sack. As the nerd I always have been I have been studying and researching different areas to know how celebrities do it so effortlessly. To only find that they hire stylists and specialists, which led me to even consider going to a style analyst to learn which body type and color analysis. But I am not comfortable paying a fortune for that honestly. How hard is it for me as a designer to figure out how color analysis works? Can a regular person figure that out? Well, my friends, I am glad to tell you that I did my best to make figuring out your body type easy with an online quiz following Kibbe's method!

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We all know the basic body shapes: Hourglass, Pear, Apple, and rectangle which are based on the proportions between your shoulders, waist, and hips ratio. But to classify all women into four shapes only left many women confused about their bodies. I am against the ways of classifying women. You do you always! But like any science in the world, the way we dress has an impact on us and everything that surrounds us. Kibbe viewed the body differently, he noticed that everything has a yin and yang to it well what is that you may ask? You see the ratio between flesh and bones stays the same always even when you gain and lose weight. In Kibbe's theory, he thinks that yang is sharpness and yin is softness, which classifies into 6 main body types ranging from Yang to Ying: dramatic, natural, classic, gamine, theatrical romantic & romantic. Yet he added to this even more classifications, for example, you can be dramatic (a lot of sharpness in your looks) but in some parts, you have softness and curves which makes you Soft Dramatic. This resulted in 13 body types: Dramatic, Flamboyant Natural, Natural, Soft Dramatic, Soft Natural, Flamboyant Gamine, Dramatic Classic, Gamine, Classic, Soft Gamine, Soft Classic, Theatrical Romantic, and Romantic.


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This diagram here shows the theory in action comparing the celebrities Kibbe used for each of the 13 types. I created this diagram to make it easier for you to understand the relationship between Ying and Yang in Kibbe's theory. Ying is more feminine, curvy, and soft. Yang, on the other hand, is more structured and masculine.

The easiest way to find which category you fit in is by mainly checking 1st your height:

  • Tall, then you are either Dramatic or Natural.
  • Medium height, then you are one of the classic types.
  • Short, you are either romantic or theatrical romantic.
  • Very short, you are one of the Gamine types.

Now check if you are more curvy/fleshy or bony which will tell you even which one in detail you have. I am short and curvy, yet my curves are very defined even when I gain weight. Which makes me a Theatrical Romantic.

If this is still not easy for you to figure out, no worries I created an online test with Kibbe's questions to help you determine which type of the 13 you are. Once you sign up for the form below you will be redirected to the form.

Have a full-body picture of yourself in hand to help answer the questions. Then click here to download the pdf.


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