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Have you seen someone before that always looks on point? perfect hair, clothes are always good, man those people even look good when they get sick. If you haven't met people like that in person and think it's only on TV let me tell you I met many of them in my life at my school, University, and workplace. I even see some in public places like restaurants, and shopping places. I always asked myself what do they do differently. I made many videos before about this topic you can check out. I must say I have receipts that my old tips work. I will show you before and afters from the time I made my 1st how to look good video to now. You can see for yourself how I used to look versus now. And don't get me wrong I loved myself then as much as now but I wanted to transform myself and I succeeded at that and want to share with you my transformation journey.

Plan your outfits

Every Sunday I make sure I check the weather and accordingly put outfits together for the upcoming week. This makes my mornings super easy I wake up and have a selection of outfits to choose from for the day instead of standing there asking myself which to pick. I pick usually my weekly outfits sometimes inspired from my Style Pinterest board, or instagram favorites, or from an item I bought new and want to style it. I usually have also ready to wear sets in my closet for occasions to make it a no brainer for me to pick.

Match your shoes and bags

I always emphasise on how you display your items but what is most important is how you shop from the start. I have a picture that I update of my shoe and bag collection, which I refer to when shopping new to match them. This makes it so easy when I say I will wear this outfit with black shoes it makes my life so easy because I bought matching sets already. So dress up in the morning is easy for me and I look good automatically because of that.

Hair routine (smart not hard)

I made it my main job in the past year to learn more about how to style my hair myself. Trust me I struggled there so much as I had to learn from scratch how to curl and straighten my hair. But having a fixed day plan of when you wash your hair and style it is so important. So I shower daily but wash my hair two to three times a week every Friday and Tuesday. Afterwards I blow dry it and use my new obsession my Dyson Airwrap to style from wet to dry. If you use more natural heatless curls or the curly girl method then make sure you create a routine for it. If you happen to straighten your hair weekly then think of a more permanent way to do it with a keratin treatment so work smart not hard.

Skin care and makeup easy

A skincare routine that works for your skin is essential. Makeup is an addition and you need to start on a clean canvas. We are lucky nowadays having many dermatologists on social media that can guide us on shopping better for our skin. I recommend you build a simple yet effective skincare routine and makeup that suits your skin as well to enhance your natural beauty. Too much makeup is not elegant and usually have more room for mistakes if you are not a pro at it.

Monochrome planning

My easiest way to look put together when I run out of ideas is to plan monochrome outfits. I simply gather pieces from the same color tone. The key here is to play with different fabrics in the same color to add depth. Also don't be scared to mix different shades of the same color. I now shop keeping in mind that the colors I choose have some friends back home that I can pear them with for the perfect monochrome look.

know your style

I made an entire series for finding your own style, knowing your body shape, and figuring out your skin undertone to always choose things that fit you perfectly. That's what set people apart, some dress to compliment what mother nature give them, and some try to look like the model they saw and feel down they can't match her beauty. Know your self better and establish your own style.

Jewellery sets

Like the shoes and bags, always buy jewellery in sets. Also always store them together for easily choosing. I usually have three main sets: gold, silver, and pearl. In each category I make sure that things can be easily stacked together for an edgy look, but also easily stand out on their own. I also like to choose things that are versatile, I picked a black leather strap as all my bags and shoes are black, I also picked my metal watch to have mixed metals for a better wearability. This along my outfit set up and my bags and shoes color coordination I never run late, and always look like I made an effort in how I look.

Laundry routine

The moment you fix a routine of outfit planning, laundry will follow right away. Fix a day where you wash the laundry. Make sure you have a plan of how to spot treat, wash whites, re-dye colors when they fade, iron the cloths, and mend any tears in the item. Clothes that are crumbled and not smelling good will make you look bad no matter how expensive the item is.


How you store things is the main reason why you wear or not wear them. I store bags and shoes in the same color family together. I make sure that jewellery is also stored in sets. In my closet I store things in categories and make sure it's easy to grab things and put them back. I even added an extra hanger out of my closet to hang my planned outfits to easily grab which I decide to wear every morning. Making sure things you own are accessible makes a huge different so invest in organising the closet well.

Hygiene routine that works for you

People that look good always are clean. I know nowadays people say shower every morning. I would tell you shower when you feel like it! Incorporate showers in the morning to wake up or at night before bed to relax. Make a hygiene routine that fits your character and lifestyle more important than not being able to fit this in your lifestyle and give up.

And remember, enjoy your transformation. It is inspiring if you work on yourself and invest in who you are.


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