Angie Salama is a graphic designer and an online content creator in her twenties located in Germany. With a bachelor's degree in Applied Arts and a Master's degree in Integrated Design. A young globalized pharaoh Egyptian girl, raised in a military family. Given the freedom to explore the world at a young age she later traveled to India and China for an exchange teaching job to find her calling in life as a global citizen.

Discovered the passion for art within months before University administration. Her policy is hard work beats talent and always striving for simplicity and finding balance in life. Youtube started as a university project for her 10 years ago and turned into a hobby that blew off with 2 million views on one of her videos.


She founded this Blog to create content for living a more meaningful and productive life while making better choices from daily routines to what outfit to wear prioritizing quality over quantity for young adult Women between 18-45 who like to elevate their lifestyles through helpful youtube videos, thoughtful blog posts, and an inspiring Instagram feed. Soon She will launch a mobile app, book, and podcast to add to her meaningful content dedicated to her viewers.