From home to brunch: How to work efficiently from home

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Since the start of the pandemic we got lose of our routine. I realised how much was that when my comfy heels were so painful in the first 30 mins! How can we achieve the it girl vibes working from home. Let’s get started with these key things to be more efficient, gain more control, and feel your best.


Dress for success


Working in your pajamas can be tempting, but when you take the time to get ready and groomed, you're in work mode.


Determine your workspace

Find a distraction-free space that isn't used for other purposes. Sitting in this space every morning makes me feel diligent and focused on my work.


Master how to communicate

Find phone, email, IM, Slack, Google Hangouts and many more options to help your team in any situation. Some conversations are best done face-to-face, while others are fine by email.


Get a break

This designated workspace allows you to step away from the office and relax for a while. Taking a break clears your head and gives you a new perspective.


Create a miniroutine

A daily morning routine helps you get a handle on your work flow. You might be reading emails or making a to-do list while drinking coffee. It should help you transition into the work part of your day.


Reward yourself

Have a fresh cup of coffee after overcoming a big hurdle, or take a long break when you complete a task on your to-do list. Your home offers more opportunities to relax and enjoy than your office can accommodate.


The Ivy method

1) At the end of the day, write down 6 things you want to do the next day. Please write only six. 2) Prioritize these six tasks and rank them in order of importance. 3) Focus on your first task when you go to work tomorrow. Do not do anything else until you are done. 4) Do the rest of the list this way. Complete one task, then move on to the second task and complete it. 5) Move all unfinished tasks to a list of 6 new tasks for tomorrow. Repeat every business day!


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