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My 2023 Goals, Create a Vision-board with me!

Who would have thought we made it to 2023! it feels like the pandemic time flew so fast! My past two years were so eventful and scary. I lost my dearest grand-father, met the love of my life, got married, changed jobs, moved cities, got my mental health diagnosis, and more. I was passing through one of my worst depression phases ever and I missed the last two years my ritual creating vision-boards. This year is special though I am coming back stronger than ever after reflecting on all my past vision-boards and how they all came true! I posted a video you can watch here years ago for creating my vision-board. This year I have new dreams and things I know I will have and I wanted to share with you my lovely followers those dreams to inspire you. I will share my step by step in this creation as well so get ready to grab a pen and paper and let’s do those steps together.


First and foremost I sit down with a cup of my favorite hot beverage Pumpkin spice latte! So grab yours to it’s essential to get in the mood in homage of our dreams. Get comfortable and play some chill cafe music in the background and on a piece of paper or your tablet planner start writing. Think and visualise who you want to be how does that person dress, what are their hobbies, where do they live. This should give you an idea of the things you wish for. Write down a small story of who you will be or even better keywords. In my case I want to be someone who is…

Keywords: confident, disciplined, elegant, have hobbies, loving, healthy, slow living, minimal living, practical, mental well-being.


Now let’s get to the next step! Each of these keywords or sentences in your story we need to brainstrom a little deeper into it. For example minimal living that I had in my keywords how can it manifest? write down. In my case I will have for minimal living a decluttered kitchen, an organised closet (not published yet), or finishing a challenge! At the end you want to have things on that list that you can implement and dissect into small doable habits. Now write these for every and each keyword.


Now we need to be realistic a bit for this visionboard to manifest! Circle from the keyword lists all the things that can be worked out in one year. Now circle with a different coloured pen things that might take longer or need a bit of luck, yet limit yourself to 3 maximum. This balance keeps you motivated and is my personal secret to manifestation! If one of the concrete easy to do things gets manifested it puts you in a receiving mindset which allows the impossible on this board to be possible you will be surprised!

Now finally we have the final list to start our visual step!! This one you can get creative as much as you wish. Cut from magazines, get your favorite pinterest images, instagram, you name it! but what i like here is to have images that are neutral with no people’s face so that I can see myself better in them. I also like to edit in canva or photoshop if you can somethings into existing. I am working to get a driver’s license here where I live, so I got the license image from the internet and added my name instead and photo. Seeing it make it real I like to think!


Once you are done with all the keywords and have an image or two for each now it’s the hard part for me personally. Finding a quote to sum this year for you. It can be anything really but it has to represent you and your current motivation. Go simple or complex (let it go, Yey you can, this is the year of my dreams, and etc.) Once you choose your quote go to canva and make a fun design to it. Or even better find a picture with your quote on the wide web. Go and print all those images and let’s get to the last point.


The way you choose to have the board is completely your preference! Make a collage and print it and hang it everywhere, Have frames and frame each picture, Have a pin board and pin each image you name it. Most importantly remember we need to attach this image everywhere you see daily so it has to represent your style. I will have this year both a pin board and also a collage to hang in my closet, on my work desk, at the door to see it often.

My list of things I wish to manifest:

  • Driver’s License
  • Ballet class
  • Sailing License
  • Grow my hair
  • Lose 10kg
  • Go to Paris
  • Visit New York
  • Learn horseback riding
  • Perform Salsa
  • Get Youtube Gold button! reach more people
  • Have 100k followers on IG
  • Van Cleef & Arpel Alhambra necklace
  • Cartier Tank
  • Publish book
  • Save 10k in bank

That’s all folks! Go catch your dreams ladies xoxo





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