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Designer secretly passionate about elegance & lifestyle. A blogger, podcaster, you-tuber, and more…

Hi, I’m Angie. I landed my first online adventure on YouTube 10 years ago to discover, relate and inspire. Years following I created my Blog as a digital destination for thoughtful topics encouraging you to escape the ordinary and embrace the beauty around you. Offering videos and blog posts aimed at helping you discover your own unique personal style making smart investments in style, beauty, and interior design.

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The Elegant Lady Podcast

Welcome to ” The Elegant Lady” Podcast! Discover timeless style, allure, and grace as we explore the art of being irresistibly attractive while staying true to your authentic self. Join me for fashion tips, etiquette insights, and more as we unlock the essence of elegance. Let’s rock the world with our confidence and grace!

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High Maintenance things to be Low Maintenance

Ultimate Sunday Glow up Reset Step by Step

It’s time to look good

If you’re seeking a significant upgrade for your wardrobe, you’ve landed on the perfect destination. Here, we focus on crafting your perfect closet and honing your unique fashion identity, ensuring you exude confidence and style every single day.

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